Bernie Sanders attacks Disney for Wages

Senator Bernie Sanders took time away from his three homes to chastise another corporation for their “greed”. This time, the target is Walt Disney Company. Having never ran a private business, Senator Sanders is an expert on what it takes to make one a success. Ignoring the fact that Disney employs thousands of people who, believe it or not, choose to work there, he has claimed that they will do whatever it takes to deny their workers “ a living wage”. Sanders is one of a number of vocal critics who feel they should be entitled to dictate a private companys’ wage.

The current ruckus stems from Walt Disney Companies decision to no longer accept hundreds of millions in subsidies and tax breaks for it’s Disneyland Theme Parks. The Senator say the company is forgoing government subsidies and tax breaks to avoid wage hikes.

Senator Bernie Sanders charges Disney with acting out of fear that voters in Anaheim will pass a living wage ordinance. The ordinance, applicable to any large company receiving municipal tax breaks, would require pay to all employees of at least $15 an hour, rising to $18 an hour by 2022 and keeping pace with inflation thereafter.

In an ironic twist, Sanders told Disney, who is currently receiving tax breaks which could be considered a form of public welfare, and which Sanders seems perfectly ok with, that is was now time to “get off of welfare and pay all of its workers a living wage”. Sanders, and other liberal politicians, would rather continue offering “corporate welfare” to companies as long as they can dictate their policies.

Perhaps Anaheim could use the millions in tax breaks that they are no longer offering to provide financial benefits to those workers they care so much about. Nah, it’s easier to paint a large corporation that is the largest employer and taxpayer in Anaheim, and literally keeps the City alive, as the enemy. In typical Sanders form no real solutions are offered for the problem.

In response, Disney spokeswoman Liz Jaeger quipped, “Mr Sanders continues to distort facts to grab headlines … [He] should focus on his own state of Vermont where the minimum wage is $10.50/hour.”

Anaheim’s population has become more diverse and more liberal, leading to a shift in the local balance of power and anti-business policies which have ruined much of California.

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