Disney Springs welcomes The Edison

Located in the center of Disney Springs in an area called The Landing, a tall smokestack adorned with “The Edison” in art deco lettering punctuates the skyline. The chic, industrial vibe reflects an early-1900s power plant vibe.

A large clockwork, complete with gears and cogs, covers the entrance. Old engines and other parts of the power plant are on visible in the open two-story space. The Inventor, a character dressed in period garb and requisite steampunk goggles, greets patrons. Fanciful dining areas include the Telegraph Lounge and the Patent Office. On the lower level is a bar, located in the plant’s “boiler room.”

With 59 places to eat and drink, there is no shortage of choices at Disney Springs. Among the latest eateries to join the fray is The Edison. The eclectic venue melds a menu that’s heavy on comfort food with an extensive drink selection and a performance area that comes alive each evening.

The Patina Restaurant Group, which operates a number of eateries at Disney Springs, runs The Edison. Its concept is based on The Edison in downtown Los Angeles, a nightclub and restaurant housed in a historic building that actually once included a power plant.


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