Walt Disneys “Almost” Plan for Small Missouri Town

Few people know that the entertainment empire Walt Disney built originated in Missouri. Walt Disney called Missouri, and Kansas City, home before moving to California and forming the Walt Disney Company with his brother, Roy.

The seeds to Disney’s imagination was planted during his time on the family farm in Marceline, MIssouri.

Today, Inez Johnson and her daughter, Kaye Malins, live on the Disney farm. And through their friendship with Walt and Roy Disney they saw how much Marceline meant to the Disney brothers.

A vision that started in the middle of Missouri — underneath a tree where a child with a dream grew into a man who inspired millions. If Walt Disney planted roots while in Marceline, he blossomed while working in Kansas City.

But what few people know is Disney had a dream that would’ve changed Marceline forever — a theme park in the middle of Missouri.

Walt had started buying property. Originally, he purchased 40 acres and had options on almost 300 acres in Marceline. It would’ve been larger than Disney Land. The plan was to create a working, turn of the century farm so kids could remember where their food came from.

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